Attractions in Boston

Museum of Fine Arts
If you enjoy great art, check out the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Just blocks from Fenway Park, the museum offers a number of exhibits from artists like Alex Katz, Andy Warhol, Anne Truitt and many other current and past artists. There are also collections from around the world as well as a number of educational programs for children.

Halls Pond Sanctuary
If you enjoy outdoor scenery and a relaxing environment, take a stroll through Halls Pond Sanctuary. Just a couple blocks west of Fenway Park, Halls Pond Sanctuary is a series of wetlands and streams that run through the Brookline neighborhood of Boston. The Sanctuary encompasses 3.5 acres of grassland area for the local citizens to enjoy as well as lush shade trees and wildlife and local vegetation. The sanctuary is next to the Amory woods, a popular getaway area for the public.

Mason Square
Located just a few minutes west of Fenway Park, Mason Square is a very popular historical district within Boston that includes more than 306 acres of parks, shopping, railroad depots and more. The Square is known for being the first residential neighborhood in America to be planned out and is used as a learning tool by urban planners. Mason Square is a great place to learn about the early days of Boston's development.

Skywalk Observatory
When you want a great view of the city of Boston, go up to the 50th floor of the Prudential Center building and enjoy the Skywalk Observatory. The view is so vast that you can actually see New Hampshire on a clear day. The observatory allows you a complete 360-degree view of the city as well as a self-guided "Acoustiguide Opus Touch" visual tour of the city historical landmarks. The tour also includes short videos that highlight the view of Boston and the numerous landmarks and scenic landscapes.

Kenmore Square
Built on a section of Boston that was once a swampland, Kenmore Square is a part of the Back Bay area of town, just a few blocks from Fenway Park. Going back to 1850, the Back Bay area was developed as a residential and business center that has become a major business district near the ballpark. The square includes businesses like the Hotel Buckminster and the Hotel Kenmore as well as several more. The Square has played an important part in Boston's history.